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My name is Tisha Bibb

I am not doing life coach work or medium-ship readings at all please do not ask me to.

I am focused on my own life at the moment. I am working at an assisted living home helping older people. I enjoy working with them and being simple. I made amazing friends over the last 15 years working as an advisor.  I will remain friends with many of them forever.  I am so thankful for the positive people in my life.

Any readings that anyone is waiting for I will still complete or they can file a dispute with PAYPAL

I will grant any dispute

I am trying very hard to be responsible I am not taking new clients at all.

While my own life is not perfect, I don't feel that I can give others the advice the deserve.

I have stopped doing PSYCHIC READINGS

I am still doing Web Design and working as a computer Tech.

I have experience working with FrontPage , Dreamweaver and Html and Dhtml .

I can do computer support and help anyone to set up a wireless network or help them to setup a network to access their computer from anywhere in the world.

I can change IPHONE screens and calibrate them as well, change the docking ports for IPHONES and for Ipods Touch.

Computers I can remove Virus's and can update your computer.

I can change computer screens on laptops as well as walk you through changing your own devices.

I have done Real Estate sites and Jewelry Sites if you can think it I can create it.

I can help your business get into technology .